Who is the HSP?

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is the


The Manuscript Portal: a service offered by SBB, UBL, HAB and BSB

Work on the manuscript portal started in October 2018 and is funded by the German Research Foundation.

The HSP is a joint service offered by four major German libraries of old manuscripts with a powerful IT profile: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SBB- PK), Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig (UBL), Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel (HAB) andBayerischer Staatsbibliothek München (BSB).

To secure an omtimal user experience, the Humboldt University Berlin (HU Berlin) institute for library and information sciences (IBI) is part of the project.

The technical development of the HSP

The technical development work is carried out by SBB, UBL and HAB.

SBB is responsible for the overall project management. It hosts the system and ensures the long-term operation of the HSP. BSB is available to participate in these technical tasks.

The expert advice and support of the HSP

The four participating libraries have committed themselves to providing long-term technical support. The current development of the HSP and its future work is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of representatives of important infrastructural institutions and other portals.

In addition, the German Manuscript Centres and their Scientific Advisory Board provide scientific expertise to the entire HSP process.

The four HSP institutions are represented by:

  • Dr. Robert Giel (SBB): Overall project management
  • Dr. Christoph Mackert (UBL): Deputy overall project management
  • Birgit Seiderer (BSB): Project management BSB
  • Torsten Schaßan (HAB): Project management HAB
  • Malgorzota Asch (SBB): Technical management of Central record and Cataloguing
  • Leander Seige (UBL): Technical management Presentation and Discovery

The Scientific Advisory Board:

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