What is the HSP?

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Handwritten books from the Middle Ages and modern times are unique cultural objects and unique historical sources. The Handschriftenportal (HSP, manuscript portal) is the central online portal for these book manuscripts in German collections.

In the HSP, manuscripts or fragments and other remains of manuscripts are listed online together with initial basic data under their respective shelfmark and linked to the existing indexing data and digital copies.

Of course, only what is already available can be collected here. For this reason, the information offered on individual manuscripts in the HSP can vary greatly.

Indexing data

Indexing data is the descriptive information known about the content, materiality and history of the manuscripts.

Depending on the findings, this can be just as brief catalogue data as abridged versions or detailed manuscript descriptions from cataloguing projects.

Digitised manuscripts

The HSP serves as a central reference for the digitised manuscripts in German collections. In contrast to the indexing data, which are stored directly in the HSP, the digitised manuscripts that you can use in the HSP are held in the presentation systems of the owning institutions and other providers.

Only IIIF-capable digitised manuscripts can be integrated directly into the HSP working environment; to use non-IIIF-capable digitised manuscripts you are currently redirected to the linked presentation systems of the owning institutions.

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